Child Trafficking

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Priceless Commodity: An Essay on
Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking is a form of human trafficking. It is defined as the recruitment, transfer and harbouring of children, for purposes of exploitation (Child Trafficking, The trafficking of children is the third largest global consumer market, especially in areas of Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, with an estimated 1.2 million children being trafficked annually. (UN.GIFT). Since poverty has been in existence, so has child trafficking. “In the nineteenth century, the moral challenge was slavery.” (Nicholas D. Kristof, Half The Sky). The practice of child-trafficking is a very close relative to slavery. The gap between the …show more content…

Traffickers do not think about what they are doing. They are in the business for the money, and without tough laws, this horrendous practice will continue to grow. The final cause is the different social factors that affect each individual country and family. In many countries, there is a young life expectancy, which often leaves children without a parent. This causes a child to step up and begin to take care of their family, often playing a leading role. Children in this position do feel a sense of obligation to provide in many ways for their families, and many a time this means they must begin to contribute financially. There are not many options for minors to earn a living in some areas of the world, so trafficking is an option they may often find themselves involved in. Many of these reasons, that cause people to find themselves entangled in the world of trafficking can be fixed with the help of awareness and aid. Many people are sadly unaware of the affairs associated with child-trafficking,, and that needs to be changed, if there is ever going to be an improvement in the lives of these unfortunate families and children.

There are different methods of trafficking, including three of the most popular and widespread. There is a high demand for trafficked children especially girls, by tourists in some countries. In India, there are brothels which hold women and young girls, with nearly 36

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