Child Welfare Problems And Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence can include physical, verbal, sexual and emotional abuse.
This is a wicked problem, meaning that the priorities of the government change and the definitions of the source of the problem vary between fixing the blame on inadequate and irresponsible parenting versus connecting it to the stresses of the larger social environment.

Child welfare problems and domestic violence are affiliated to drug abuse and unmarried parenthood and at the individual level; concentrated poverty, institutional racism, and ineffective social policies, at the societal level.
When setting policies, the government 's ongoing struggles with how to measure success and whether it is more effective if we draw our focus narrowly on child safety or more broadly on social and emotional well-being.
With this struggle, the government cannot find an effective solution to minimising family violence.

A home is a place of safety and shelter from danger or/and negativity in the outside world. A family is a there to take care and protect you from any harm. For the children and other victims involved with family violence it may be where they are most the vulnerable to assault, misuse or deprivation, ironically at the very hands of those who have a duty to protect and nourish them. With family violence, a home and a

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