Single Mothers Problems

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As social workers we come in contact with a variety of communities, who may be experiencing any number of problems. Part of our responsibility to our clients is to develop skills or possible solutions to these problems. Often times, we must development plans for entire communities in order to address the problems at hand. Once such community is single mothers raising children. Single mothers is a very broad term, therefore in terms of this discussion I will refer to single mothers as those living in St. Louis city, who are between the ages of 18-35 with children ranging from birth to 18. Raising children is a difficult task; couple that with having no partner to lean on, and the task just became even harder. For this reason, single mothers can experience a number of problems. One such problem they face is having to decide between quality childcare and being employed. Imagine a single mother hopes to find employment so she can stop relying on public assistance. In order to do so, she must send her children to a child care facility, for part of or the whole day depending on their age. Often times, single mothers struggle to obtain employment that compensates them adequately. Therefore, they are forced to choose child care facilities that may be subpar. Single mothers are left to make the decision of staying home and caring for their children to ensure proper care, or going to work and having to send their children to facilities that are lacking. This situation

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