Childhood Abuse In The Shining By Stephen King

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“ Approximately 5 Children Every day because of child abuse “(Do Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal . Neglect could be also considered abuse which is when a parent(s) or Guardian(s) do not take care of a child and do not provide the basic necessities. According to “those who are abused run the risk for intimate partner violence, alcoholism, and alcohol abuse.” Childhood abuse affects adulthood and the abuse may have a future impact on marriage/ relationships and health. Throughout the novel The Shining by Stephen King, the characters Jack and Danny Torrance are used to portray the effects of abuse.
Child abuse is very common amongst the world's population . Throughout the …show more content…

( Nadelson, Child Abuse and Neglect). The risk of impacting the physical health is greater which may affect the body by: difficulty sleeping, lowering the immune system due to stress and a greater risk of smoking or drinking. According to child abuse and neglect “In 1999 an estimated 20 million American adults abuse alcohol.” ( Nadelson, Child Abuse and Neglect). With alcohol consumption being on the rise by a variety of age groups for many other reasons, there are many individuals that drink alcohol to dull the pain of a traumatic experience or help one forget about things that are stressful. Those who have experienced trauma have a higher risk of alcoholism. Those who have experienced abuse also run the risk of having unstable relationships due to the lack of trust. According to , “ A large survey of adults survivors had a higher rate of failed relationships and marriages, and reported lower levels of social interaction”.(Draper, Pirkis et al. 2008). Survivors often times find it hard to trust others as they might have been betrayed as young children who were meant to nurture and protect them. This makes it harder to have a healthy relationship with key components like trust and communication. Throughout the novel Stephen King portrays how childhood abuse may affect adulthood.
Stephen King uses the characters to aid

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