Childhood Diseases Research Paper

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FAMILIAR DIFFERENCES Why are siblings from the same parents different? Why do some siblings have allergies, and others don’t have the same allergies? Why are some more resistant to diseases? The answer is your genes. Your genes are deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. Your genes are your traits. They can be altered by your environment. And they are controlled by your alleles. There are two types of alleles, recessive, and dominant. Recessive traits need two alleles to show. Dominant traits on the other hand only has to have one allele to show. Geneticists use all these factors and a punnett square to predict your kids traits. DNA is in a cell’s nucleus, in chromosomes. We all have twenty-three pairs of chromosomes unless someone has a genetic mutation.. A genetic mutation is when someone has more, or less DNA than normal. Chromosomes are made of twisted DNA bases. DNA tells the call how to survive, make two new cells, and how to make proteins for the cell.…show more content…
You get one allele from each parent. If you get two recessive alleles or if you get one dominant allele it will tell the cell how to express that trait by modifying the protein. It will change, when, where, and how much protein is made. The type of protein that is being made, makes your specific trait. That will alter your phenotype. Your phenotype is a set of observable characteristics. A Lot of different traits make up your phenotype. Most traits only have two genes but some have more. Blood type and a small amount of other traits are controlled by multiple genes. How do you get your traits
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