Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On Children

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Teaching children of all ages could be difficult if not having their full attention or not being able to reach them physically or on an emotional level for the information needed to be taught. Childhood obesity is a very sensitive subject specially with bulling in all grades continuing to adulthood. So the teaching plan is to make children be aware of childhood obesity and to have those numbers decrease by increasing activity and healthy eating.
A brief summary and evaluation of the outcomes of the teaching plan was to engage the children in learning by having them solve two alternative activities that can increase their activity level. The children were also able to express knowledge by recalling the five food groups. Comprehensive …show more content…

A child is impressionable and they learn from what is around them. If the adult in the family doesn’t have control of their own lifestyle or do any teaching to the child they will grow up with the same habits unless something is done. Nutrition is another way that can cause childhood obesity. Obesity develops when energy intake from food and drink consumption is greater than energy expenditure through the body’s metabolism and physical activity (“Lifestyle and behaviors,” 2011). Consumption of excess calories is often due to over consumption of excess calories is often due to over consumption of high energy foods and drinks such as processed or fast food, sweetened and alcoholic drinks, or large portion sizes (“Lifestyle and behaviors,” 2011). A simple solution would be to cut the empty calories and increase the activity. Children over five should engage in at least 60 minutes (1 hour) of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day like walking, biking or even playing sports. In far too many countries the socioeconomic factor over turn the reason for not eating healthy. The family has to make that hard decision whether to feed them at all or to cut corners and have food on the table. On the other hand families with education and money have habits that can cause obesity like Eating out verses home cooking. This is also a factor due to high calorie intake and unsuitable cooking techniques long term

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