Childhood Obesity : Is It Worth More Than Your Life? Essay

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Childhood obesity has been the cause of around 70,000 deaths annually, because of the fact that everyone just wanted to save some cold hard cash, but is it worth more than your child’s life? So many children are overweight or obese due to the fact that parents look for the best deals on the menu. Now there are so many fast food joints that one would rather get an inexpensive meal than a homemade one. The prices of fruits and vegetables have increased by the day which caused the candy, soft drinks, and chips to get cheaper. This topic may have you asking questions like whose fault is this. Or how can we improve are children’s life style. The answer is everyone has a part in this problem. For generations this has been an issue around the world and it needs a solution fast. The life’s of are kids are at risk, we as a nation need a solution to this. My research question is why are so many children obese? After watching an A Place at the Table by Tom Colicchio I learned about childhood obesity was a main problem around the world. Children’s life’s are in great danger, if we did not help them fast. This made me really interested in the problem and how we should help. The Movie involves different problems that are country to face very day. During the documentary was playing and all the problems are said you can put them all together. By doing this we can see the big picture at the same time as we ask are self’s multiple questions. Though out the whole movie everything that was

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