Children Are Capable Of Learning From Educational Dvds

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When parents allow their child to watch DVDs that are advertised for infants, they often mistakenly attribute their child’s natural learning process to them watching the DVD (DeLoache et al., 2010). As a result, researchers have sought to find out if infants really are capable of learning from educational DVDs. This study sought to determine just this, whether children are capable of learning from a popular DVD targeting their age group (DeLoache et al., 2010). The researchers of this study wanted to make sure that they were able to measure the infants learning objectively therefore, they incorporated six elements into their study to ensure the data was valid (DeLoache et al., 2010). The study was performed in the homes of the infants who …show more content…

If the child correctly identified the object during both trials then they knew the word. The infants were also given this assessment during the study and then a final time at the end. At the final assessment, the parents of the infants who were apart of one of the two groups that watched the DVD were also asked to complete a survey in regards to their opinions on the video (DeLoache et al., 2010).
A median test allowed for researchers to better observe the data because it was not originally normally distributed (DeLoache et al., 2010). Results showed that the infants in the parent teaching group who did not see the DVD had the highest percent of words correct that were not due to chance. Compared to the group of infants who did not have any intervention, infants who watched the DVD either with or without their parent’s interaction showed to not have attained more words and did not have a difference between groups (DeLoache et al., 2010). The parent questionnaires showed that parents who attributed their child’s learning to the DVD did not have infants who score differently than the control (DeLoache et al., 2010). A significant correlation was also found showing that parents who really enjoyed the video were more likely to say they thought the DVD helped their infants learn (DeLoache et al., 2010).
This study supported the hypothesis that infants who watch popular educational DVDs do not learn more new words than infants who do not watch the DVD (DeLoache

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