Children Are Playing With A Child

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While children are playing, who will a child prefer to play with, will a child interact more with a child who is the same gender, but a different age or with a child who is the same age, but different gender. I will also see how much a child will interact with another child who is the opposite gender and a different age. That is, the research question I am trying to solve. This is important to know because the more comfortable the child is with the other child they are playing with, the happier the child will be and the children will socialize longer. My hypothesis is that the opposite sex children that are around the same age will interact more than the same-sex, but different age or the opposite sex opposite aged children. This is …show more content…

This theory was also made by Jean Piaget. During the interaction time, some elements from the concrete operational stage were presented as well. The older children had an organized and rational way of thinking, something the younger children did not present. This being another theory from Piaget. Living in Rockville, Indiana, there is only one park available called Beechwood Park. It’s a large park with a pool, baseball/softball fields, a picnic area, a basketball court, and of course a playground. The playground consists of many monkey bars, swing sets, slides, and other things to climb on, such as a dinosaur, a play house, and a fire truck. The dinosaur and play house are basic monkey bar type structures, but the fire truck offers many things like a balance beam, steering wheels, and extra benches to take a team of firemen. However, finding a day that had the amount of children my research consisted of was difficult. Finding a day with a birthday party or celebration was my only hope. On one sunny Saturday afternoon, I drove by and noticed a birthday party being set up, so I decided to stop and explain to the parents why I was sitting on a bench watching their children. The weather couldn’t have been better and with the sound of country music playing in the background the observation was pretty peaceful.
While sitting in the park, I sat on a bench, in the middle of the playground and the grass area. There was just enough room

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