Children Believe they are Indestructible

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Children are the ones most convinced of this. Cartoons show characters that come back to life and parents seem like angelic beings that can do no wrong. Being a child is an ignorant bliss. Even though skin is easily scraped, bruised, and tarnished during their early years, they continue on. It isn’t difficult at the time. Some people continue to have this attitude in life. They grow up to become resilient and forceful. They’re the ones with the job opportunities and the recipients of promotions. They’re the ones that matter. They’re what I should have been. After all every parent dreams of raising an Ivy League graduate, and every student aspires to make their family proud.
This sense of strength is a false security that can only occur when you’re younger. When you’re a kid nothing can go wrong. But years go by and family troubles arise, your best friend moves away, and countless other events that make you feel like you have no say in what happens around you. That’s growing up. Children break all the time. Despite their resilience, they’re fragile when pushed the wrong way. Children fall like buildings. Little by little and then all at once.
I was never one of the strong kids. There was no defining moment in my childhood that made me shy and reserved, I just was. I kept my nose in books and stayed out of time out. Ironic considering I spend most of my time in a corner these days.
I lost my voice for years. I…
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