Children : Communication With Children

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Communication with children is a key component when referring to coping mechanisms to help children resolve emotionally. Communication is crucial when is needed to address a problem because it is through communication that it’s going to be possible to discover what is going on with children and therefore; know how children are dealing in their healing process. Based on an article in EdSource, Sonoma County Superintendent Steve Herrington said, “Students’ mental health needs are also a priority” and he also reassured that “Counselors will be available at all school sites, and teachers and other staff have been trained on how to tend to students feeling traumatized”(qtd. in Jones). What are the best ways to help children communicate and express their feelings? I had the opportunity to interview an expert in child development, and according to the 12-minute interview conducted with Mrs. Jynx Lopez; a Santa Rosa Junior College instructor in Child Development Center. She emphasized the importance about children expressing their feelings after a traumatic situation by saying, “... when once you go through a disaster from what I’ve learned, is letting the children express themselves through art, because a lot of them don’t have the words to express their feelings…” (Lopez). In the article “Helping Children Cope with Emergencies”, the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” briefly explains what children could feel, and how they could react based on how they express their

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