Children Should Have Longer Nursery Hours Essay

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Added Value Unit - Nat 5 Modern Studies ‘Children should have longer nursery hours.’ My hypothesis is “Children should have longer nursery hours.” My aims are to find out the benefits of longer nursery hours and how it would affect children living in poverty. I chose this subject because I believe children should be entitled to stay at nursery for longer because it would benefit them and I think it is an interesting topic. Source 1 - This source is a BBC News article about Child Poverty in the UK which was written in 2015, so the information is up to date. The strengths of this article are that it has informative statistics and information about the causes of child poverty. The weaknesses of the article are that it has more about the government than about child poverty itself. I …show more content…

Families living in severe poverty have to choose between heating in the house or eating as they struggle on less than £15,000 per year. The government are set to lift children out of poverty by 2020 by lifting 100,000 children out of poverty each year for the next ten years. In ‘how to break the cycle of poverty’, it says the government must ensure those at work are not being paid below the poverty line and increasing the minimum wage. They should also see all unemployed parents get into a job to help with quality childcare, such as nursery or schools and training. To conclude, my sources weren’t as helpful as I’d first thought. Although, they have statistics and helpful information, there wasn’t enough of it and there were two different percentages of children in poverty from each source. This has only helped me answer one of my aims, how longer nursery hours would benefit children in poverty, which is shown by what the government plans to do to help children get out of poverty, but hasn’t helped me answer my aim of what the benefits of longer nursery hours would

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