Children With Learning Disabilities Are Inherently At Risk

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Children with learning disabilities are a population who are inherently at risk. They are at risk of not being able to utilize the presented curriculum, as their non-disabled peers do. They are also at risk of suffering from emotional stress and or low self-efficacy as they negotiate classrooms assignments and expectations. Our Exceptional Children text states that children with learning disabilities, “… often struggle with reasoning, attention, memory, selecting and focusing on relevant stimuli and the perception and processing of visual or auditory stimuli (p162 Heward)”. It also says that “Seventy-Five percent of children with learning disabilities exhibit deficits in social skills… and have a higher incidence of behavioral problems (p.169 Heward).” The effects of one or multiple deficits, of those stated above, have the potential to steer, even a willing child, away from academic and or social success.
Due to this risk, and the legal obligation for schools to provide free, equal educational opportunities to all students, schools must do whatever it takes to give equal access to the curriculum no matter their ability. The Idaho State Education Manual from 2015 states that “The district shall ensure that the same array of academic, nonacademic, and extracurricular activities and services is available to students with disabilities as is available to students without disabilities.” It is my opinion that schools best serve students with learning disabilities by providing

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