Children Youth Sports Schools Are Out Of School, Socially Oriented Institutions

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Children-youth sport schools are out of school, socially oriented institutions aiming to harmoniously develop children, teenagers and youth, promote health and physical conditions via physical education and sport, play a guiding role in physical education work with the general schools in the area of its location, and cover the preliminary and medium phases of developing high level of sportsmen in the Republic (1). Involvement in sport of children and youth and systemic works with them is of primary importance. Correspondence of children 's physical education to the requirements of pedagogical-psychological requirements depends on the work of trainers-teachers. They shall be knowledgeable about the regulatory papers defining physical education, sport disciplines and prospects, pedagogy, psychology, child physiology, and basics of hygiene and observe it in their works (2). Training routine at children-youth sport schools are conducted individually and in form of groups. The following principles are envisaged at training routine, conducted in form of groups. One of main principles of system of physical education is, as versatile harmonic development of personality, physical abilities of human, so acquiring by him of several movements, which have applied significance. The principle of health relating directionality of physical education obliges in case of selection to apply different means and methods of training, to define admissible load and to take into account the
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