Children Youth Sports Schools Are Out Of School, Socially Oriented Institutions

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Children-youth sport schools are out of school, socially oriented institutions aiming to harmoniously develop children, teenagers and youth, promote health and physical conditions via physical education and sport, play a guiding role in physical education work with the general schools in the area of its location, and cover the preliminary and medium phases of developing high level of sportsmen in the Republic (1).
Involvement in sport of children and youth and systemic works with them is of primary importance. Correspondence of children 's physical education to the requirements of pedagogical-psychological requirements depends on the work of trainers-teachers. They shall be knowledgeable about the regulatory papers defining physical
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The principle of accessibility – This principle of didactics is considered in unity with principle of individualization in theory and methodology of physical culture. Consideration of these principles is, especially, important in the process of physical education, when influence on vital functions of child’s organism takes place.
In case of selection of physical exercises, it is necessary to differentiate them depending age and gender of children, to take into consideration individual characteristics of sportsmen, and, particularly, important factor -state of their health. On base of doctor examination data for training with physical exercises, children are divided into three groups-main group, preparation group and special group.
The principle of systematic character and consistency. In the process of physical exercises, it is necessary to consider such order of training material learning, when newly learned exercises are based on earlier formed motor skills and learning of new material is to be conducted in the system of training. At that, depending on contents of learning material, concentrated or linear order of its origin may be applied(4).
The principle of strength. During the process of physical

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