Children at Play

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Children At Play: Actual vs. Dramatic One of the signs of early childhood development is the ability to engage in play. Young children (ages 4-6) prefer non structured environments that gives them the “freedom” to un-limit their play in different settings. Working with preschoolers for over five years, I am fascinated to learn all the different ways children play to learn. I understand every child has their unique talents and skills that makes them individuals. It is important to sketch out different play strategies for children and their desired interests. The goal is to answer the question: what way do children learn the best; actual or dramatic. As a teacher and a “researcher” I define play as actual play and dramatic play.…show more content…
This play is about three billy goats who travel past a bridge. Under that bridge lives two monsters who want to eat the goats. The point of the play is to get the five participants in character. For example participant A who played the part of one of the monsters had to shout and yell to act as a monster, participant B who played the part of one of the goats had to shout and yell to defend her self from the monster. I realized this type of activity is a great tool for children to let aggression and tension exit their mind and bodies. As Shallat puts it, “The moral or message that the author hopes to be derived from this dramatic piece is that the suppression of discomforting feelings leads to additional, undesirable feelings and/or consequences.” (Shallat, 2003) It is important for children that are at a high risk for disturbed behavior to engage in dramatic play to let out negative energy. Suppressing one’s feelings from an early age is a sign of heightened mental burden for later years. Shallat also analyzes that, “[…] actors and clinicians/play-directors are encouraged to create their own masks and costumes, providing additional room for creative expression” (Shallat, 2003) As a teacher I find this to be quite intriguing. I realize it is important for children to engage in dramatic play especially if it highlights creativity
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