Children 's Behavioral Health 's Outpatient And Therapeutic After School Program

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I am currently interning at Elwyn Children’s Behavioral Health’s Outpatient and Therapeutic After School Program at their campus located in Media, Pennsylvania. Elwyn is a non-profit agency that provides many different programs and services to its clients at various locations throughout the country. Some of these services include psychiatric evaluations, individual therapy, medication management, etc. We provide these services from birth up until the age of twenty-one to individuals that meet the necessary criteria. A problem that I have noticed within this agency has to do with the fact that the state of Pennsylvania has not passed the budget yet. As a result of the budget not being passed Elwyn is having trouble functioning appropriately. This agency is experiencing difficult purchasing the necessary supplies they need in order for the programs to be run properly. This current issue also has forced certain branches of Elwyn to place a freeze on paying employees or paying them their full paycheck all at once. This current budget issue is making it difficult for Elwyn’s employees to feel motivated to come to work and work to the best of their abilities because they are not being provided with the appropriate supplies. They also feel as if they are being taken advantage of for their work with the payroll freezes. Since the staff is not giving their work one hundred percent effort the clients at Elwyn are not receiving the experience or attention that they normally would at

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