Chimera: Rethinking Humanity

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Rethinking humanity
Chimera is a term not many people have heard of before. Some may know it but confuse it with hybrids. A chimera is single organism, usually an animal but can be human as well, which is composed by at least two different sets of DNA. It can also be a fusion of many different zygotes (fertilised eggs). Chimeras are formed by at least four parent cells; two fertilised eggs or embryos fused together. The individual cells keep its own character. This resolves in an organism with different tissues. It is often animals experiments are done on but it can also occur naturally. In “I, chimera” from BBC Focus 2007 they describe how that can happen. According to Henry Nicholls, an author and science writer, the natural occurrence of Chimeras happen during pregnancy. Microchimerasm (Mc) is when the presence of a small number of blood cells from the foetus escapes across the placenta and runs into the mother's circulation. The foetal cells may stay in the circulation for decades and there is a possibility of passing the cells on to a future offspring. If we were to create an animal-Chimera the procedure would not be that difficult. According to the article perviously mentioned an embryo can e.g. get injected or under go an aggregation. Though the embryonic cells have to come from different origins. If it should be compared to a hybrid the difference is not that big but still a crucial element to separate these to creatures. A hybrid is the result of cross breading to
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