China One Child Policy Dbq Analysis

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China One Child Policy was a policy that told everybody instead for a handful of families that they were only allowed to have one child or face consequences. The policy was put forth to try and dumb down the population numbers as it was becoming a problem because China could not feed or supply their population with water for a while. The policy was enacted 1979 and taken away in 2015 due to acceptable numbers.
In Document A it shows that the population rates were at an all time high near the 2000’s and seems to increase overtime but in the future the population will drop drastically by the ten millions. Due to families only bearing one child the child will grow up and marry another adult who is an only child, later on when old age hits they will die and there will be larger and larger decline due to the low child rates. People could feel very skeptical about the
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It also shows one story gto wear one child was treated very strictly because she was the only child so she had no siblings to talk to or share her pain causing her to cut herself and attempt suicide. The other story shows a boy who loved all the attention he got from his parents and grandparents because he was the only kid, he got everything he wanted and more. The children who are the only children can face the pressure of having to contain all the expectations of their parents and other people but as long as you can contain it and do well in school you won't really have to face these problems that the girl did.
China's One Child Policy was a very bad idea and should not have been implemented at all. If Chinese couples want to have as many kids as they want then instead of averting birth China should have to adapt to the changes and support the families. China could branch out or expand land for farming needs to support the increase of
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