China 's Drive Toward Ecological Civilization

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Moreover, China’s drive toward ecological civilization will have far-reaching global impacts and relevance in fundamentally resolving deep-rooted problems in environment and development. Taking improving environmental quality as our core task, we’ve put in place the most stringent environmental protection system; launched comprehensive campaigns on air, water, and soil pollution prevention and control; enhanced enforcement of laws and regulations; accelerated and deepened reforms; promoted a green way of life and production and provided more quality ecological products for the people. These measures will yield a beautiful China with blue sky, fresh air, and clean soil.
Meanwhile, we are also keenly aware of the significance of innovation in pursuit of sustainable development, especially in two dimensions.
First is innovative thinking. The mind guides the individual’s actions, and the actions shape the future. The key is to give equal emphasis to both knowledge and actions, and to let actions speak louder than words. But in reality, to do is difficult while to know is easy. Achieving sustainable development is no exception. We need to foster a favorable environment to mobilize society and encourage everyone to take actions voluntarily and consciously. Sustainable development will require a sustainable way of thinking about production, consumption, development, and management to help people consciously change their behaviors. If everyone adopts the extravagant lifestyle and
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