China 's Evolution Of China

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Chapter 2
Historical perspective of China’s evolution from inward-looking country to an international stage player
Iriye (2012) maintains that the journey of globalisation in China is one that has been a very gradual process, having history that can be traced to several centuries back (p. 83). The slow and steady nature with which China has evolved into what can now be termed as a globalised country is largely attributed to China’s quest to remain inward-looking for a very long time. In most historical accounts, the evolution of China from an inward-looking country to an international stage player who has a lot of influence on other countries and take influence from others have been divided into five major era. These are early dynasties, modern China in the 20th century, modern China in the 21st century, economic shifts in China, and cultural shifts in China (Guo, 1999, p. 344; Lee, 2009, p. p.211; Adshead, 2000, p. 54). Whenever these contexts of evolutionary discussions are done, they are done with a broader overview of China’s inward-looking motive. That is, across each of the major five era, China has exhibited some form of resistance to cultural infiltration as a way of strictly being concerned with its own culture and economy. In the sections that follow, the five evolutionary era are given further exploration by looking at some facts and a discussion of these facts from a broader context of political science literature.
Early dynasties
According to Kirby (1997, p.
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