China 's Threat Of International Power

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The overwhelming turmoil present in today’s Middle East has altogether drawn American attention away from its more developed, albeit more quiet opponents. Although the political waters of the Far East are currently placid, the foreign policies of both China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea present a startling threat to the modern balance of international power. While China and the DPRK are remarkably different, it is the possible unity between the two that could, if properly fostered, make Asia a sphere of the globe inhospitable to the American identity. The two nations pose very different threats to the US. China’s threat is primarily an economic one. The IMF predicts that China’s GDP will overtake that of the US as soon as…show more content…
North Korea’s success has thus far been in its ability to lie to its people. The nation’s rudimentary military technology, although usually real, has been grossly over-exaggerated with the use of photoshopped material (“How North Korea...”). The public unveiling of several purported “nuclear weapons” via the North Korean News Agency, KCNA, has led to a rapid rise in national fervor for the military (Witty). Although mostly fake, the rapid spread of such propagandized material around North Korea has led to increased public confidence in the government, The propagandist model has succeeded in making up for North Korea’s lack in technological advancements with high conscription rates. If America were to turn to war with the North Koreans, ground troops under Kim Jong Un’s propagandized leadership could be as reckless as those of the Japanese kamikaze that fought almost a century ago. Although the DPRK poses a significant future threat to US security, it has also proven illegitimacy in its committal of countless human rights violations. Last year, the United Nations Commission of Inquiry reported multiple instances of state-sponsored murder, torture, and enslavement. (“North Korean Defectors”). These recent human rights abuses are part of a long-standing history of governmental disregard for human life at the North Korean gulags, or
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