China's Threat To America Case Study

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The United States military says it must prepare to deal with traditional threats coming from Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, and at same time to contain the spread of extremist terror groups like the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Four to five threats that US faces right now comes from the Asia Pacific. Therefore, it is one of the most important regions for the US and its partners. In comparison among those America’s threats, while North Korea and IS are just sort term threats, Russia or Iran will stay behind China because of its dramatically rising in economy and population as well as the investment for its military. Therefore, China’s rise is the greatest threat to the United State because its capability to change the world order, …show more content…

As the result, to protect as well as survive with that power, China has to make more power as well as take the hegemonic action part. The rising of China will be America’s greatest long-term threat because it breaks the world power balance. The relative power logic shows that the increase in the China’s power will make the America’s power decrease. Chinese defense budget grows from $100 billion in 2011 to $215 billion in 2017 while American defense budget decline from $708 billion to $611 billion in the same period. Although the America’s military investment still remarkably higher than China’s, the gap is closer. Once China achieves the regional hegemon, it will attempt to expand its influence on other regions. Moreover, the benefits form institution liberalism system such as the role in UN will encourage China’s desire to replace American’s position. Therefore, when China reaching higher dominating position, it will do not want a peer. In other words, China will gain more power and reach regional hegemon to overcome America, and America will seek to prevent their great powers or, so the predictable outcome may be war. As the Posen and Ross state, “Selective engagement endeavors to ensure peace among powers that have substantial industrial and military potential-the great powers”. While it is hard for America to stop Chinese economic rise, the best solution for America to reduce China power is

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