Chinedu Movie Analysis

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Introduction Chinedu is the name of the movie character I selected, from a movie titled The Emotional Agony. Chinedu has a personality disorder in the movie performance. King explained that “chronic, maladaptive cognitive-behavioral patterns that are thoroughly integrated into an individual personality” is known as personality disorder (king, 2016). Personality disorders are comparatively popular (King, 2016). Personality disorder can also be defined as a mental discomfort "enduring pattern[s] of inner experience and behavior" that are sufficiently rigid and deep-seated to bring a person into repeated conflicts with his or her social and occupational environment. DSM-IV-TR specifies that these dysfunctional patterns must be regarded as nonconforming or deviant by the person's culture, and cause significant emotional pain and/or difficulties in relationships and occupational performance. In addition, the patient usually sees the disorder as being consistent with his or her self-image and may blame others (Personality disorders, 2007). Personality disorders arise in late adolescence or early adulthood. Doctors rarely give a diagnosis of personality disorder to children on the grounds that children's personalities are still in the process of formation and may change considerably by the time they are in their late teenage years. But, in retrospect, many individuals with personality disorders could be judged to have shown evidence of the problems in childhood (Personality

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