Essay on Chinese Culture Traditions

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The dictionary defines “culture” as “the behavior and beliefs characteristics of a particular social, ethnic, or age group”. I am Chinese-American also known as ABC, American Born Chinese. I speak Cantonese and English. My parents are both from China. I was born in Manhattan, New York, and raised in New York. There are many different things from my culture that are different from other culture’s. Many people with different culture’s have different foods, holidays, and religions, which makes us all special and different in our own ways. The Chinese culture has many special characteristics which are very interesting for people to learn, and delicious food to try. Some types of common Chinese food are rice,…show more content…
Chinese New Year is a big holiday in Chinese history. This holiday is when children receive red packets with money inside from married and elders. Many children like this holiday because it is where children receive money besides on their birthdays. Chinese New Year has been a tradition for many years. Chinese New Year is determined by the Chinese New Year calendar and therefore it is also called the Lunar New Year. This holiday can last for up to weeks. During this holiday your home may be filled with friends and relatives visits. New clothes are worn to show a new year. The color red, in Chinese New Year is very important it is used in most decorations. The color red symbolizes happiness. Many people may not have tried “Dim sum” before. Dim sum is where a variety of steamed, cooked foods such as spare ribs, shrimp dumplings, chicken feet and etc. They also serve desserts and fruits. Tea is a main part of dim sum. Chinese people believed that (bolay) tea can help you in your digestion system. Dim sum is served usually in the mornings until two o’clock. Many families get together during Dim sum, along with holidays such as Chinese New Year’s, birthdays, etc. As for many Chinese people during the Mid-Autumn festival, Moon cakes are eaten. Moon cakes are round or rectangular shaped, with different designs on top. Inside there is a thick filling that have many different flavors such as lotus seed
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