Chinese Literature And Culture Of China

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Chinese Literature and Culture Literature has a very important role to play in society and in the lives of all the people. It is an immeasurable realm and its influence is far beyond the reaches of people and one’s own comprehension of mind. It is such an enormous expanse that one would begin to articulate some form of response. Chinese literature, to many westerners, has not been easily accessible as it had remained hidden in the higher strata of the society “shi da fu (士大夫)” in Chinese culture. In the long history of China, each dynasty has carried down magnificent and brilliant work that is considered a treasure and holds a significant amount of contribution in passing the legacy of the profound series of events and works done by them. Chinese literature is interwoven with its own reigning cultural tradition, its own tastes, values and its own theoretical system (Bond, 1996). It has its own way of reflecting the high spirit it possesses in the form of art and its social climate by encompassing a variety of forms and a series of genres such as fictions, dramas, poetries, astrology and essays. Much of the Chinese literature, culture and philosophy were developed during the rule of Zhou dynasty. In a chronological order, Chinese culture can be classified on the basis of four main periods: Classical literature, Modern Chinese literature, Contemporary Chinese literature and the present-age Chinese literature.
Classical Chinese literature is referred to an earlier period…

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