Western Management Styles: Principles Of Applied Menage Ment By Gao Chinese

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Gao Chinese management styles And Western management styles which method is more effective? A research proposal written for David Liu as part of Principles of Applied Menage ment by Yang yang ,Yao yue, Tang yuli and Wang mingyuan May 2011 1. Introduction 1.1 Topic 1.2 Reasons for choosing this topic 1.3 Background 2. Research Aim and Objective 3. Literature Review 4. Research Method 5. Key Assumption and Limitations 6. Research Report Contents 7. Bibliography 1. Introduction 1.1 Topic "If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings - and put compensation as a carrier behind it - you …show more content…

Research Method 4.1 Research sources Write a research proposal will need a lot of relevant information. We can use many methods to find the relevant and useful information, in can include: questionnaires、books、textbooks、magazines、newspapers、internet and all kind of medias. The information in this research proposal are secordary information. Because time is not enough and limited relevant resources. The secondary information sourced from the internet. Secondary information sourced from Google. Finded many relevant articles and literature review which shoudn be useful and relevant to the resrarch project. Collect all date and organize useful information. 4.2 Proposed timelines for research project 18 May research topic chosen 19 May find some information on the websites 20 May continue find information 21 May collect all data and sorting data 22-23 May write the research proposal 5. Key Assumption and limitations It is assumed that most of the secondary information in this research proposal is real、reliable and relevant. Because the limited of the

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