Essay Choosing the Right Career for Your Life and Our World

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Amongst many other difficult accords to make in life, decision regarding choosing a career and rasing in career graph is one of the demanding and crucial decisions to make. When the company recently I am working is in state of downsizing. Though it might eliminate my job holding it gives an option to choose the right company for choosing the company with better employment opportunities and employees allowance. Though company might have similar objectives and goal holding each organization is likely to attempt in providing different opportunities and different level of exposure to its employees for career advancement. The main factor or aspect to compare these organization basically underlines the internal and the external elements and…show more content…
Multinational company is likely to operate under participatory approach of leadership allowing every employee to extent the interaction and participation level. Unlike multinational company driving with the participatory approach of leadership, national company is following the autocratic leadership style. This still hardly gives employee to attain feedback and eliminates the participation of employees. Next thing is the job responsibilities held by both the designation. Being a project manger there are responsibilities lined up such as; agreeing with project objectives, risk assessment. Ensuring the aim of project is met on time, maintain the standard, maintain the guidelines, use of IT to tract employees and progress etc. Being an administration manager also hold equal responsibility varying in nature. Some of the responsibilities to be fulfilled being an administration manager are; maintaining staff through recruiting, orientation, and training; providing basis for proper and effective communication, contributing to team effort, maintains the bills and invoice and so on. It’s an undeniable fact that both the designation is great career option. It is very much important to analyze all the above mention factors before applying to the vacant positions. Project manger requires more reasoning, critical thinking and analyzing aptitude. They are merely paid more; Administration requires less
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