Chopsticks To Eat In My Culture

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Secondly, My family was she ate with the fingers that really made my mother angry.
In my culture, using chopsticks to eat is a long tradition in Vietnam and other Asian countries. Vietnamese chopsticks were often made from wood or bamboo because they were typical of the Vietnamese village culture such as the pictures of bamboo. We use chopsticks to enjoy food, including rice, noodle or savory pastry.
As far as I knew, Europeans used knives, forks in their meal. That was the way of eating imitated predatory animal lived underground. In contrast, the way of using chopsticks of Asian was imitating birds. Vietnam was a tropical country where was suitable for birds such as stork, crane. These birds were attached to the life of the farmer and appeared in …show more content…

I said that the reason Ahem could not eat pork because it was a forbidden thing in his religion. Moreover, he ate by his hand because it was cultural specificity in India. We always love our culture. He could not change immediately from the first time.
As a matter of fact, eating with the fingers was not only the India culture. It depended on foods that people had different manner. Eating by hand was the way of eating that was instinctive so that anyone or any nation could apply when they needed.

Therefore, The mother understood and sympathized with Ahem in our scenario . Now I think we love our culture that is deeply engraved in our mind. When we visited a new country, we would learn about its culture to adjust. If I visit India, maybe I will be feel like a fish out of water and need to get used to new foods or environments.
Every country had a different culture and own beauty. It could be obviously known as the differences of lifestyle, language or celebration. The differences between cultures could make it very difficult to adjust to the new surroundings. In my opinion, people come from another country who have the right to keep and proud of their cultural

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