Food In Thai Food

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For many people in Thailand today, food has become a very important aspect of any holiday celebration and special occasions. In the American western cuisine today, a regular restaurant quality meal consists of appetizers, followed by the main course, and ends with a serving of dessert, where each person would order his or her own food. In Thailand it’s the complete opposite to the American cuisine where they would never have any structure in their meals like beginning with appetizers and ending with dessert. In Thai cuisine the number of dishes is based on the number of people there are around the table, so for example if there are ten people, then ten dishes would be order. One interesting aspect about Thai cuisine is that everyone sitting around the table would equally share their food, so that no one would get stuck with eating the same plate of food, everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the unique flavors of all the different dishes. The main reason that the Thais share their food is because they believe that it is bad luck for them to eat alone and they see that each meal is a big celebration of social and friendly interactions.
When the Thais finished eating all of their food, they would pack up all of the leftover foods from the meal and store it in the refrigerator to eat the next day. The people of Thailand have a strong belief that throwing away food is a very sinful thing to do since it will dishonor and anger the Thai god causing famine and starvation among

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