Chpter 3 and 4 Incident 1

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Chapter 3 Incident 2 So, What‘s Affirmative Action? 3-23. Explain why Supreme must submit an affirmative action program. The supreme had to submit an affirmative action program because they had a low bid. 3-24. Generally, What should the program be designed to accomplish? Supreme began doing small shopping centers and multistory office buildings in addition to work in its traditional area of specialization. 3-25. in conducting a utilization analysis, Michael discovers that although 30 percent of the general population of construction workers is black, only 10 percent of Supremes’ employees are black. According to affirmative action, what is Supreme Construction required to do? Michael was given increasing responsibility, and the …show more content…

Not to mention the compensation that is expected with the requirements of a college degree. Usually jobs that require greater knowledge, skills and abilities should be worth more to the company. If the tasks for meter reading are simple and the pay at $9 per hour is high for unskilled workers in that area, which is what this job currently requires. If the company added additional job tasks in which more tasks that require a higher pay and more education, then the company should consider changing the education requirement. There will be a difficult task of staffing the growth with such unrealistic requirements for that pay and position 4-24. what is your opinion of Sam’s effort to upgrade the people on the organization? In my opinion, Sam’s effort to upgrade the people is a good plan but he is going about it the wrong way. He should have job enrichment programs set up to upgrade the people in the organization. The workers can have the opportunity to achieve satisfaction and improvement by increasing job demands to include additional responsibility and difficulty. Increasing the employee’s accountability will allow more individual control and authority over the work performed with the manager having the overall responsibility. Providing new learning experiences will encourage new opportunities for

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