Christian Ethics Paper

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This paper is based on my personal philosophy concerning Christian ethics as it pertains to the community and within church organizations. A Christian is (or should be defined as one who humbles himself or herself and chooses to enter into discipleship, to follow Jesus’ path, to build his or her life upon his teaching and his practices even at great cost, to pass those teachings and practices on to others, and thus enjoy the unspeakable privilege of participating in the advance of God’s reign (Sassen & Gushee, Kingdom Ethics, 30-31).
There are distinct qualities and characteristics that each individual acquires, the inherent qualities are the virtues of happiness, that is where the Christian has seek the fortress in which to live well in state of spirituality well in a state of happiness, and peace. There are distinct characteristics and qualities that are associated with Christian ethics. It is distinct in that Christians are grounded in the scriptures found in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. Christian ethics is different than the general ethical in that Christian ethics, is grounded in the fundamental and absolute truth found in the bible and in Jesus teachings. At the individual level the Christian attempts to arrive at an understanding of the implications of his/her faith (Gill, Textbook of Christian Ethics, 137). …show more content…

The church has a more inclusive, understanding of itself, and its boundaries with society at large…And it must come to terms with the moral issues facing the state (Gill, Textbook of Christian Ethics, 249-250). What is very important for Christian ethics is the belief in the kingdom of God, and taking the right actions in our belief, and moving forward in Christian discipleship, and maintaining our faithfulness to in Christian living (Stassen & Gushee, Kingdom Ethics,

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