Christian Ethics And Sexual Misconduct

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Christian Ethics and Sexual Misconduct What is Christian Ethics? Can pastoral care be separated from Christian ethics? What is sexual harassment or misconduct? Is it ethical to serve in Christian ministry if one frequently engages in sexual misconduct? As we attempt to answer these questions in the next few pages, we’ll get into some areas where most people may feel a little uneasy. On the other hand, these are areas and topics the church should (and must) address responsibly to clearly and lovingly point others to the holy and healthy life we can live in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In his book Choosing the Good (pg. 20), Dennis P. Hollinger writes, “Christian ethics is rooted in the very nature and actions of God and in our worldview as Christians.” This statement, Hollinger goes on to explain, is what God is calling us to reach for when it comes to our character and the calling God may have placed in our lives. In one way or another every human being has a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, most people can differentiate between good and evil, and what it means to help someone or leaving them to fend for themselves. But this is not what Hollinger is describing here. He states Christian Ethics is not only rooted in God’s nature and actions, but is also developed and sustained through an intimate relationship with Him through Jesus’ sacrifice and love demonstrated on the cross. This love should be demonstrated and exemplified by every born-again

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