Christian Religion Research Paper

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Over 2.4 billion people around the world believe in the Christian religion. For some it is a river of faith, but there are many branches to Christianity. Jesus Christ in Judea (present day Israel) started Christianity about 2000 years ago. Jesus was initially Jewish and he lived in an area that was under Roman rule. This Roman rules posed a big problem for the Jews due to the polytheistic cultural beliefs the Romans had. This is when Jesus Christ played a major role in the development of Christianity. Jesus traveled from village to village, teaching in the various synagogues and healing those who were suffering. This teaching was revolutionary, he challenged the already established Roman religious authorities to repent from their self-righteousness and hypocrisy and realize…show more content…
The Catholic Communion is a faith and practice of Christianity that is in communion with the Pope. It is also shaped by its original growth and development in Western Europe and now it has the largest body of Christians with strong centers in Latin America and Africa as well as parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. Orthodox Christian churches represent about twelve percent of the total Christian population worldwide. It has its roots in the earliest Christian communities established after the death and resurrection of Jesus throughout the eastern Mediterranean region, the Roman Empire, Palestine, Syria, Anatolia, and Greece. Here the Orthodox churches are in communion with each other. The Protestant Churches began as a reform movement within Western European Catholic Christianity in the sixteenth century by Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli, and John Calvin. . Most Protestants recognize only two sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion even though they may also practice other practices such as conformation, marriage, and
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