Christianity And Christianity In The Movie : Case For Christ

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Many different worldviews and religions have influenced our world today and fought for dominance. The belief that has the most followers right now is Christianity with over two billion believers. It seems strange to have people put their faith in something that appears untrue or crazy for those who don't believe. The thought of a man claiming to be the Son of God, dying and rising from the dead just to save people who hated him seem preposterous, but that hasn’t stopped this religion from growing. Proof and logic if often inspected to find fault in this faith to bring it down. Christ's death and resurrection is vital to Christianity, if Jesus never rose from the dead then Christianity has no foundation or any reason to exist. From the film, Case For Christ (based on a true story), we are taken into an atheist's point of view in an attempt to disprove Christianity and see the evidence and logic that is given to prove his theory wrong. The movie, Case For Christ, is about a man named Lee Strobel who doesn’t believe in God’s existence. He graduated from Yale University and was an award-winning editor for the Chicago Tribune. He goes to great lengths to disprove the resurrection of Christ because he knows that if he can prove this claim wrong, then there would be no basis for the Christian belief. The main reason for his sudden interest in this is due to his wife’s new outlook on life. Leslie, his wife, becomes a Christian and he is alarmed and taken aback. Lee instantly

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