Christianity Islam And Secularism

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The discussion on Christianity, Islam, and Secular Intellectualism was very enlightening. To put it mildly, I gained a new perspective from which to view Islam as well as the negative and self-defeating fruitage of Secularism. It is my belief that Christianity is the cornerstone of civilization. Without our Creator, there would be no society; neither would there be a need for advancement into civilization. God, our Creator designed us to need Him. He himself is the One upon which everything else depends and exists. When civilization reaches a point or a crossroads in its wisdom and understanding and we lose sight of what to believe, we either create a new way of being or we follow someone else who chooses a new way to fill that void. An example …show more content…

Many of the ideas that we as a society subscribe to are “invented” they are not an innate part of who we are. Somewhere along the path in life, we “chose” to believe certain things or ideas such as secularism or Islam to name a few. As a result of these invented ideas, I believe that many people have lost the ability to clearly visualize and embrace the original plans and purposes that God has for the earth and mankind. His plan, design, and purpose for us are predestined, they will not change they will only be fulfilled. God has laws within our civilization that are unmovable, for example “the wages of sin is death”, on that belief, we can rest assured that death is the consequence of sin. In “Oedipus the King”, we saw that his death came about exactly how it was foretold. From Oedipus, we learned that in this life we are (somewhat) fettered to “fate”. However, God has given us the freedom and responsibility of “Free will”. This “free will” allows us to make choices that can dictate the quality of life that we will experience while waiting for our “wage of sin” in this life to be fulfilled. With that being said we have a hope that Oedipus did not have, we have the privilege of everlasting life after this one has ended, that is if we so

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