Christianity Vs. Christianity : The Beliefs Of Christianity And Islam

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Introduction Christianity and Islam have more in common than most individuals know, they are both monotheistic Abrahamic religions, and Jesus Christ is an imperative, honored individual in both religions. Supporters of Christianity, called Christians accept in the Sacred Trinity, and that Christ, the child of God, lived on soil as the child of God sent to recover humankind from sin. Christians moreover accept on euphoria and judgment on the final day. Muslims (adherents of Islam) consider Jesus Christ to be a prophet, a delivery person of God and a savior. In any case, they accept that Muhammad was the final prophet and he recorded the word of God precisely as seen in the Quran. While Islam and Christianity all come from the same source, does the two advanced religions have few partitioned contrasts? One of the primary convictions of Christianity is that there is trust in the conviction that Jesus rose from the grave and overcame passing and sin. Christians accept that everybody has fallen brief of the wonderfulness of God since of sin and that they can get unceasing salvation by making Jesus Christ their ruler and savior (Kateregga and Shenk 136). Christians moreover accept that The Book of scriptures is the genuine and motivated word of God (Kateregga and Shenk 61). The Book of scriptures bolsters this by saying “All Sacred writing is God-breathed and is valuable for instructing, censuring, rectifying and preparing in exemplary nature, so that the man of
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