Christianity Vs. Foundational Islam

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Foundational Christianity vs Foundational Islam Religion has been debated since the creation of Zoroastrianism. The most debated religions are Christianity and Islam. Many people believe that Christianity is a highly pure religion, spreading love and hope to everyone who chooses to follow. Many people also believe horrendous things about Islam, that they are full of hatred and violence. But, neither of those things are true. Religion is what you bring to it and the foundational beliefs of both religions are extremely similar. Christianity was the first religion that focused not on this world, but the next. Christianity is viewed as otherworldly, focusing on the spiritual world and the afterlife. This means that it focuses on what …show more content…

It originally rejected the world of government and authority, drawing it’s followers from the poor, low powered people of the world. So when these low people eventually gained positions of power, it fundamentally changed this foundational belief of christianity. Being an ethical religion, Christianity demands that its followers helps the less fortunate and is actively concerned for their welfare, even though it rejects the material concerns of the world. In its ethics, it’s an individualistic religion, where people are in charge of themselves and their own ethical challenges and actions, not the responsibility of a group. As well as the individual responsibility in ethics, Christianity teaches that ethical behavior comes from within. That the action does not matter, but the ethical intention and motivations behind the action. For example, if you were to murder someone, yes, that seems awful. But say, you murdered that person because they were attacking someone else and you were trying to protect them. That, is in fact, and ethical motivation behind that action, and you would not be reprimanded by God for that action because your intention was to save someone else’s life. As well as ethical intentions, it also is in Christianity 's foundation to forgive. Forgive those who have wronged you, no matter what, and have no ill will towards them. Christianity is such an expanse religion with so many foundations, like the

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