Christina Trice Case Study

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Christina Trice was born and raised in Nashville, TN to Stanley and Mary Trice, both graduates of Tennessee State University. She is the eldest of two siblings (Kendall and Keneisha Trice). She enjoys traveling, decorating, helping others, and swimming. Christina graduated from High School in 2007, where she then attended Middle Tennessee State University to obtain her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. However, over time having a passion for working with the elderly became a new career interest. Currently, Christina is a graduating senior at Tennessee State University, majoring in Health Care Administration and Planning. Upon graduating in December 2016, she plans to apply to the Administrator-In-Training (AIT) program at National Healthcare Corporation (NHC) so that she can become a Director of an Assisted Living Facility. …show more content…

Currently, Christina sees herself as a Pragmatists type leader. She is ambitious, competitive, and not afraid to take a different path than others. Within the next few years, Christina would like to have a more open mindset when it comes to being a leader and not feeling as if she is the only one that give input to a situation. Having input from all areas within a department or group not only shows leadership, but it allows others to reach their full potential as well. On the other hand, Christina’s role as a youth leader at the Church of Christ at Jackson Street, is to guide youth in the right direction. She is also the secretary of the A Capella singing group Called by God located in Nashville, TN. Along with other leadership roles, the experience gained has allowed her to be firm when leading others. Ultimately, Christina plans to receive a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Tennessee State University, which will strengthen her leadership skills in years to

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