Christopher Faustus Analysis

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Briseida Garcia
Independent Study- Theatre History 2
Dr. Terry Donovan Smith
November 2, 2017
Historical Analysis
Christopher Marlowe born in Canterbury, England his exact birth date is not known which why it is based when he received his baptism in 1564. Marlowe was a poet and playwright who was very prominent in the dramatic renaissance in the 16th century. Marlowe was a University graduate with a bachelor’s of arts. He tried to obtain his Masters, but the University gave him a hard time in doing so. His first plays were performed in the late 1580’s and were quite successful in Elizabethan Theatre. Near the end of his life, Marlow got in trouble with the law when he was accused of a crime; the crime being atheism and blasphemy. He was later killed during a fight in 1593 by Ingram Frizer when he stabbed him in the forehead. Marlowe was a very young playwright for his time. Because he died at age 29, his literary career lasted less than six years. Dr. Faustus was his most popular written work which ensured his legacy for centuries to come. His influences and inspirations for the tragedy of Faustus were based on older German legends. The origin of Faustus came from a Latin term which meant fortunate or lucky. It was also rumored that Faustus was the brother in law to the devil. The play was written in blank verse and pros, which became popular by Marlow himself. Marlow’s work is the first time the tale was told in play form because it took the legend and used it to it

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