Chubby Chasers Summary

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I love the dynamic that is the Chubby Chasers Inc. The ladies are a tight knit, they are funny, caring and so sexy in their own way and added Javi to the mix. This book is pretty amusing and off the hook, but kept my interest. This book is not quite too dirty, but more of a fetish book. What favor can the Chubby Chasers ladies do to get their clients off. The favors are all about food being added to sexual acts. Sometimes they are sexy, sometimes they very sticky and sometimes they are both. This is not my usual read, but I wanted to give it a try. This book kept my curiosity feed, as I read the story I was very intrigue with the characters of the story. Sarah aka Blue Bell and Javi relationship kept me glued, that I wanted to know more.
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