Chuck Cheese In Tamuning Article Review

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Article Summary: When thinking about performance management, it is often tied into performance evaluations that employers tend to give to their employees annually. Lloyd (2017, para 3) states, “performance management should enable employee effectiveness, improve employee engagement, develop talent, and ensure retention of top performers through career transparency and growth opportunities.” Although this is not the case now when performance evaluations are given because employees tend to be demotivated when it is given by employers. Employees should be given feedback on areas where they are strong or weak at in order to correct them so they are able to know how to work towards the company’s goals and how to further improve themselves so they can contribute to the growth of the company. The article states that we must state some goals as a way to improve an employee in order to further retain them. Bottom line is that we as managers should further improve an employee and give them the tools they need to succeed, and help them develop the skills they need in order to further themselves into the company. Article Analysis: This article is very informative and contains steps on how to develop employees that Chuck E. Cheese in Tamuning fairly needs this because …show more content…

It was easy to read and was not confusing at all because she separated paragraphs that pertain to the steps to take in order to develop employees in reaching their potential or developing them into leaders and/or managers for the future. It was well written and very straightforward. The author made sure to bold each of the title of each of the paragraph that highlights the steps to further the performance evaluation into something more for the employee’s benefit than just solely to tell him or her what she is doing wrong. The format was also well written because of the sequence of steps she stated on her

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