Cider Vinegar Advantages

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a popular saying that almost all of us have heard. No doubt apple is a wonder fruit and there are many benefits of eating apples regularly, but there are also other ways of reaping benefits of this wonder fruit. One such way which is getting popular day by day is “Consumption of apple cider vinegar”. In this article we will talk everything about apple cider vinegar.
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Apple cider vinegar and its formation
Health benefits of apple cider vinegar
Beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar
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Apple Cider vinegar and its formation
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As per a study conducted in 2009, obese people who consumed 15 ml to 30 ml of acetic acid (apple cider vinegar) diluted with water for about 12 weeks, experienced a significant decrease in weight gain, abdominal fat, waist circumference and triglycerides. Another reason apple cider vinegar helps in maintain weight is its ability to reduce appetite, which again is because of the presence of acetic acid in it.
Improves digestion – Apple cider vinegar is useful for people suffering from digestive problem and stomach issues like reflux, bloating and indigestion. This benefit of apple cider vinegar is because of the presence of pectin in it. Pectin creates fibrous materials which breaks up diarrhea and also coats the lining of colon which prevents intestinal spans. To achieve this benefit, it is advisable to take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal.
Boosts Energy- Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium and enzymes. Because of this, consumption of apple cider vinegar can result in awakening feeling, the same one that we get from sipping caffeine. Consuming apple cider vinegar along with little bit of honey and water can keep us feel refreshed and energetic throughout the

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