Cisco Case Study and Worksheet Essay

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Assignment for Course: ISM 5150 – IS Strategy and Data Management.

Submitted to: Dr. Carlton Cunningham

Submitted by: Ambar De Los Santos Corporan Jason Lukis Jireh Labarca Rahila Dholakia

Date of Submission: January 13, 2016

Title of Assignment: CISCO Preliminary Case Analysis.

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* Product Service and Customer satisfaction – Service. Cisco was supposed to comply with contractual commitments for parts availability and repair times, while dispatching thousands of spare parts and technician visits daily. While the volume of service activities were increasing, Cisco couldn’t maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Customers were not receiving what they needed at the moment. Offering this service out of time was affecting the quality and speed of the product service process.

* B2B Integration – Operations and Technology. In the late 1990s, Cisco began to create automated data links and processes between Cisco enterprise resource planning and Cisco channel partners. The initial idea was a sales portal on the Website, but this website was only serving 50% of Cisco channel partners. The portal was affecting the speed and quality of the process and was not adequate to meet the needs of the largest partners, who had to spend two to three hours of data entry to place large orders.

2. For each specific problem, Identify the solutions developed or proposed in the case, to address the specific problem, business activity/process, and functional area

* High volume of information – Inbound Logistics. The Cisco B2B Operations group took the initiative to shift from manual

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