Cisco 's An Information Age Company

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Cisco Case Write-Up
1. Compare and contrast the use of IT in an “information Age” company versus that in an “industrial Age” company? Is Cisco an Information Age company? Why? The Industrial Age company is a traditional company, which believes in uniformity, stability, permanence, security, and competition; however, the Information Age company is totally contrasted. The Information Age company focuses on diversity, cooperation, flexibility, motivation for cooperating, and communication by using information over e-commerce. The impact of control of information and how it is creating super valuable companies like Apple, Google and Facebook can be seen during these days. Each company controls massive amounts of data on consumers, creates products that leverage that information, and delivers services that are therefore irresistible.
Cisco is clearly the one of Information Age companies. Cisco gives the priority on the Information Technology. In the case study, Cisco adopted strategy of systematic acquisitions and strategic partners, which proof that Cisco focuses on cooperated information. Cisco also concerned about standardization, flexibility, extensibility, and scalability. The decisions that Solvik and his team made during this case trends to emphasize how more Cisco becomes closer to the definition of Information Age company. They applied internet and intranet which is not so popular at that year for employee self-service, communication and distance learning, customer

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