City Council Meeting Essay

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What exactly goes on in your local city council meeting? On October 22nd, I visited the Moraine City Council, located in the Moraine Municipal Court Building, to find out. The meeting started at 6 p.m. and lasted about thirty minutes and they are held the second and fourth Thursday of every month. The agenda, which was found at the entrance of the meeting room, listed all the topics that would be covered. In this essay, I will cover the people in attendance/process, the items discussed, and what I learned from this experience. The process involved is fairly simple and there are a few important people who play a large role. The meeting kicked off with the Clerk of Council, Ms. Werbrich, doing roll call. She called each member’s name to make sure they were present. The Clerk of Council then began addressing the issues listed on the agenda and the mayor, Ms. Allison, would then ask for the issue to be motioned, which seemed to be her main job. The council members would then say either yes or no on whether to discuss the topic. If the a majority said yes, the …show more content…

I was able to learn about many issues which our city is faced with, issues of which they and the city must solve. There were more issues than I would have ever imagined. I believe this meeting covered almost ten issues, even though not all issues were resolved this meeting; a lot of thinking goes into the solution of each issue. Also, prior to this, I had no clue how our local police departments paid for replacement equipment. I mean, I figured the taxpayers provided the funding, but I had no clue it went through the council. This also applies to many things. I had no clue our local government had such a large impact on the community. I always thought it was the federal government that had the largest impact and influence on the community. It was definitely a unique experience, which was as interesting as any teenager would imagine it to

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