City Commissioners of McAllen, Texas Spread Themsevles Thin Essay

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We all have a busy life where unfortunately we all don’t get to focus our entire dedication to one thing. We are forced to focus on everything that is going on in our lives all at the same time. Focusing our effort and energy on different things at the same time involves us not putting our full dedication to each and every subject. When we go to work, work out, and spend some time with our families can we truly give our entire focus to each and everything thing of these? I believe it is impossible because while doing one thing our mind gets interrupted by the other things we have to put our focus in. Therefore, we do not all get to truly put our entire focus on each thing we have to take care of in our lives. I feel this is a great example …show more content…

I feel that everything was discussed in a rush that it really did not give the commissioner’s time to really think the issues that were discussed through. The commissioner meetings have an agenda that must be followed and lets them be aware of all the subjects that need to be discussed. I know this meeting was being rushed because there was one time that they even accidently skipped one subject and had to go back to it. I was told that usually commissioner meetings are usually two hours long and this meeting was only one hour and eighteen minutes long. I must also say that not everyone in the council think alike. I felt that some agreed and some disagreed by the comments and suggestions they would give to certain issues.
During the city commission meeting votes were taken. The voting would occur verbally. All those in favor would have to say the word “I” right after they asked if they were in favor. It occurred often during the whole meeting. Most of the time there was one of the council members approving and second as well and they would move on to another subject right after they finished voting. There was one time where one of the commissioners neglected himself from saying any comments or being involved with the issue in any type of way. I did not understand what his reasons were for this

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