City Of God Reflection

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Planning of any city is one of the most fundamental things to be considered before the development of any city or regions. Through planning, economic and social development in any city can prosper (Crane & Weber, 2015). Through films, a reflection of the structure and planning of the various regions in the setting of the movie can easily be displayed. One of the outstanding planning and structure of a city is displayed by the film city of God. The movie assists in exposing the social networking within a planned community and the various ways in which restricting can be done after the occurrence of a natural disaster. The movie reveals the consequences which might arise from the poor organization as well as poor planning of any city. Some…show more content…
The increase in population can be attributed to the massive rural to urban migration (Godard, 2008). This is one of the most common phenomena found in cities like Rio de Janeiro. The city of God shows that the government housing to be one of the projects done by the Brazilian Cidade de Deus on the outer parts of the city. The project was aimed towards making sure there is more housing in the city which was faced with high population levels from people in the rural areas. Majority of the characters shown in the movie lack proper housing which is provided by the government because housing is seen as a luxury commodity to the people in the movie. The lack of housing in the city led to the establishment of slums such as favela as shown in the…show more content…
The cities in the world face similar challenges in terms of development, culture and social structures found within them. The characters used in the film are true representatives of the people living in cities because of the characters they display such as burglary and theft. Incorporating the film in order to gain more insight on planning of cities and various regions is important in explaining the development which can arise from such areas. This shows that the movie is essential in planning as well as coming up with solutions on issues related to the development
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