Ckc Case Write-Up

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C.K. Claridge, Inc. Case What are the interests of the various players in the Varacil market? 
 * CKC: Obtain the least costly ending for the lawsuit, considering the future effects of the outcome with respect to market share and future profits. * Tolemite: Obtain a payment of all past and future liabilities at the highest royalty possible, or the highest payment. * BARD: They would benefit from two situations: 1.CKC wining the trial, as they would not have to pay royalties anymore, which could decrease CKC’s cost competitive advantage if BARD decides to lower the price of the product. Thus they can become more competitive and may increase their market share this way. 2. CKC having to pay a royalty of 4% or …show more content…

What negotiation strategy would you like to pursue if you put yourself in any one of these three main players, i.e., CKC, Tolemite, or BARD? 
 The Collaboration strategy if I were CKC. We would both win if a 3-4% would be the rate established. We win because we would not have to keep paying for the trail matters, and our time will be better allocated once its over, which could be in a few months if we agree on a rate, or years if we go to trial. The other company will still be earning a high percentage from the sales, and if sales increase, they will earn a higher amount as well. Additionally, they will keep having their patent, thus receiving royalties from BARD. As for us, in terms of competitive advantage, the result will be the same if we go to trial or not. The difference lies in the time and money that will not be used for this and can be used for something else (in addition to paying the

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