Class Obervation on Reading Comprehension Skills

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Class Observation and Report I met the instructor before class to discuss overall goals as well as goals for that day’s lesson. The overall goal of the course is to improve reading comprehension skills, increase math problem solving skills, and develop a strong ability to combine the two and further discussion skills. The goal of that day’s lesson was to work on reading strategies: scanning, identifying main ideas, and understanding details of different math word problems and equations. The instructor mentioned that there are only 10 people in the class and almost all of them are between the ages of 11-12. They are all at pretty much the same reading level, although there is some slight variation. Specifically though, in her fourth period class, one student had a tremendous difficulty in reading and understanding word problems and them translating those words into numbers and equations. In one activity the instructor starts the class by picking up one math assignment that was due and they check three other math assignments together. All of the students call out the answers in unison. The unit they had just ended was on integers and they were just beginning their unit on equations and eventually into inequalities. Then she hands out flash cards with five discussion questions that pertain to the topic of equations and inequalities, for example “What do you think an equation is?” and “Why would you ever need to use one?” Students get into groups of two to discuss their

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