Class With A Higher Energy Output

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The Participant in this session co-worker Ted, Ted started out by choosing the class with a higher energy output, He then began building out his character sheet and proceeded to draw for his buff unfortunately he drew on and lost an action in the process, which curved his main goal To land on blue and green panels into shooting straight for the finish only taking alternative routes after choosing to land on green or blue panels, this method seem to work more efficiently when the move rates were near the maximum ranges. Although he drew an ace amazingly twice in one play, he did not make it to the finish for a lack of actions available slowed down his progress while trying to avoid red panels, although he did manage to get the life …show more content…

Playtest Two


This play test was conducted by my sister someone who generally doesn 't play board games or video games, I wanted to use this one as more as a control group in order to see how somebody who is new to the concept of gaming would handle making choices to reach a goal. surprisingly she did well, instead of playing to test the main concepts of the game, she was more driven to completing the game, so after each turn she would double check the rules and aimed for bonus panels when she rolled low in order to maximize her chance to gain buffs to move further . In this test she went for the oxygen refill while having low Actions and movement, however instead of winning this round she failed mainly due to bad luck.

Lessons Learned

This playtest , Alicia showed me that luck and strategy are both viable options to lean against depending on the number that you drew each turn and Combining that With the goal of landing on bonus panels instead of shooting for max

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